Beautiful property in San Joaquin with great potential to develop it.

This is a piece of Private Paradise in upscale gated community.

Priced to sell fast so this won’t last long.

The property is 9800m2 (2.42acres) of River Front 100% flat land with plenty of space for further developments.
The entire property is walled with a 2.4meter high brick wall. Barb wires by the river side and a secure large Remote controlled Gate. This is one of the most secure properties in Vilcabamba.
No-one enters unless allowed.
On top of that its inside an already gated community.
The privacy is total and one can be completely in their own world while strolling around the many fruit trees and ponds etc.
It already have 2 new houses on the property both build with large adobe bricks and wood all over. These houses are cool when hot and warm when chilly outside.
First house is a 60m2 really cozy warm house in Adobe and plenty of wood. Large open windows with a great view to the green gardens wherever you look out.
Equipped with high tech alarm system, motion sensors, flood lights etc. for extra security.
The Other house is 91m2 with a whole Spa section consisting of: Large 6 person SAUNA with high quality USA imported parts. Plunge pool for Ice bath. And a large custom made Bath Tub big enough for 2 people with the best view any riverfront property can offer.
Have your glass of wine in a relaxing magnesium bath while enjoying the epic view of Mandango and the night sky that this house offers.
It also have a treadmill and a very advanced oxygen EWOT (www.ewot.com) system installed.
A large porch is also available for the late evening social interactions.
There is also a 40m2 martial arts Dojo with Tatami mats on the property. This can easily be used as a meditation hall, Yoga studio etc. Since it’s already equipped with water and electricity one could easily convert it into a guest house if need to be.
A 100% wooden high quality Yoga/meditation/BBQ Sala/Pavillion is in the center of the property with a great view of  blue mountains and Mandango(Sacred Sleeping Inca). Equipped with a fire pit as well as planted grass ,and a sink , its usable for outdoor gatherings and potlucks/BBQ’s.
Another structure is tucked away on the side functioning as a storage room with lots of tools, porch with Hammock for the workers as well. The  building has  a strong steel door.
The property has a large vegetable garden area with enough capacity to feed several families.
Much attention has been put into the quality of the soil by the owners. There is a Worm farm and compost area as well.
2 ponds with Water Lilly flowers  and many different aquatic plants. Lots of small fish to eat up the mosquito larvae. Shrimps and frogs as well. A great place to sit and contemplate life’s many mysteries. 1 Pond has its own little micro climate with lots of shade and moisture attracting different wildlife.
Most trees were planted 4-5 years ago and most of them are already producing or just about to.
There are about 120 or so of trees. Amongst those are:
Different species of mango
different species of avocado
jack fruit
malay apple
apple trees
coconut trees
cacao tees
Australian flame tree
Bodhi tree
Siam cherry
walnut  tree
macadamia nut tree,
lucuma tree
Rollinia fruit
different  species of mandarins and oranges (including  red orange)
lime tree,lemon tree
Surinam cherry
Miracle berry
4 different species of Bananas,
Medicinal herbal garden( Tulsi, basil, rosmary, thyme, citronella,mint,oregano ,andrographis etc)
Acasia yellow tree
African Tulip tree
Sun opener bush
Pyramid energy, Orgone and crystals are spread out over the property creating a high energy grid in the whole area. Along with the Rivers running water it creates a very special feeling on the property.
One needs to experience the place to fully appreciate this energy.

Here is a video of the Property:


Price : $279,000
Property CODE : VMR-126
Property Size : 9.800 sq m / 2.42 acres
Distance from Vilcabamba : 15 minutes by car
Electricity Service : yes
Drinking water : yes
River : yes
Canal : irrigation water
Spring : Possibility of building a well
Location : Vilcabamba
City : Vilcabamba
País : Ecuador
tipo de propiedad : LAND + HOUSE
Propósito : For Sale
Estado : Available

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