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Charming 62-hectares farm – River, Springs, Streams and much more

This charming 62-hectare farm is a paradise for nature lovers. Located in a privileged area between the Andes Mountains, it offers spectacular mountain views and great tranquility.

The property has a crystal-clear river that borders the entire property coming from the Podocarpus National Park, as well as three ravines that cross the farm. This property also offers a great variety of native plants. There are also some springs, ideal for domestic use or for irrigating orchards and gardens.

On this property, you can develop agricultural, livestock, and construction activities, as there are many flat and semi-flat areas.

To get to the property, it is necessary to take a 4×4 car from Vilcabamba for about 40 minutes and then walk along a trail for 10 more minutes.

This incredible property is offered for sale, giving buyers the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful life in the countryside surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Price : $235,000
Property CODE : CODE: VMR-153
Property Size : 62 hectares = 153 acres
Distance from Vilcabamba : 1 hour
Electricity Service : no
Drinking water : yes
Waterfall : yes
River : yes
Canal : irrigation water
Spring : yes
Location : Vilcabamba
City : Vilcabamba
País : Ecuador
tipo de propiedad : LAND
Propósito : For Sale
Estado : Available

Justo Carpio