Land 14.7 hectares (36 acres) – Masanamaca – Vilcabamba

I present to you a unique opportunity to acquire a property with tremendous potential. This stunning estate spanning 14.7 hectares (36 acres) in the beautiful neighborhood of Masanamaca offers a life in harmony and connection with nature.

The standout feature of this property is its diverse and thrilling topography. As you explore its grounds, you’ll find that most of the land stretches gently, creating an ideal terrain for adventure and creativity. At the summit of the property, you’ll discover a wide, flat expanse that gifts you with dreamy panoramic views. Can you imagine having your own private lookout to savor the most breathtaking sunsets of your life? A meandering trail from the bottom to the top is a tempting possibility for those who wish to connect even more deeply with this natural gem.

If you dream of building your home in a tranquil, natural setting, this property is perfect for you. The lower part of the estate offers several flat areas and beautiful hills that are the perfect canvas for building your dream homes or even your own orchard. Imagine the satisfaction of harvesting your own fresh produce while relaxing in the serene surroundings of this property.

The location is another standout aspect. This property is an oasis of privacy and tranquility. It is crossed by a river that flows from the majestic Podocarpus National Park, meaning you’ll have access to freshwater year-round. Additionally, it has its own spring, adding a touch of natural magic.

Although the property is just a 25-minute drive from Vilcabamba, its location offers unparalleled privacy and tranquility. The journey from Vilcabamba, which includes 10 kilometers of paved road and only 3 kilometers of dirt road, followed by a brief half-kilometer walk along a trail, will lead you to your nature retreat. And if desired, it’s feasible to build a drivable road to the property for added convenience.

In summary, this property is not just land; it’s a life opportunity. Its exciting topography, the privacy it offers, the quality water flowing from Podocarpus National Park, and its potential for construction and development make it exceptional. Imagine living surrounded by the majesty of nature, in an environment where dreams come true. This is your chance to acquire a piece of Eden in Masanamaca. Don’t let it slip away!


Price : $78,000
Property CODE : CODE: VMR-160
Property Size : 14.7 hectares = 36 acres
Distance from Vilcabamba : 25 minutes by car
Drinking water : yes
River : yes
Canal : irrigation water
Spring : yes
Location : Vilcabamba
City : Vilcabamba
País : Ecuador
tipo de propiedad : LAND
Propósito : For Sale
Estado : Available


Justo Carpio