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Private Retreat in the heart of the Andes Mountains. In a private gated community – Vilcabamba

We have enjoyed this place to meditate, to heal and to rejuvenate ourselves. It is a place of tremendous spiritual growth and awakening. The energies of nature and the mountains emanates a special blend that has a soothing effect.

Feeling to live in a spa, a safe and resting place away from the hustle of society.

This place feeds your soul and enable to feel connected with your inner being.

The view to the Mandango mountain is spectacular and surreal. The 180 degrees view around is peaceful and beautiful.

The garden is organic and has never seen chemical fertilisers nor chemical pesticides. Fruit trees and ornamentals have been planted to create a natural and wild habitat.

Birds and butterflies are now visiting this place daily.

The house is spacious and comfortable. The large windows make you feel connected to your surroundings.

The well crafted kitchen has an Island and a lot of counter space with granite counters and high end appliances.

The luxury natural swimming pool has a unique design, it has 3 waterfalls.

There are three pools, one on top is where the plants are filtering the water naturally, through an ingenious under sand filter. Which means that there is no need for chemical to cleanse the water.

One pool is for the young children, or for the adults to relax, and the larger pool is for swimming and enjoying the view of the mandango mountain and surroundings.

Water is solar heated.

The pool can be used as a regular salted water or chlorinated water if you wish.


Terraces and retaining walls

We have built several retaining walls to maintain the integrity of the land and to avoid erosion during the rainy season.


Fibre Optic Internet (Vilcanet) is installed (currently using this very high speed connection)

Green House

Few steps away from the main house, you have access to your indoor garden, in the greenhouse we have successfully grown basil, tomatoes, cantaloupe melons, watermelons, purslane, cucumbers, zucchini, mint, dill, swiss chards, spinach, pepper, strawberries and much much more.  Inside there are several raised bed.

It is perfect to grow tomatoes, melons, watermelons and other delicious vegetables and fruits.

Outdoor Raised beds

The garden has several raised bed made of concrete and stones, they have a drainage to avoid water stagnation. We have amended the soil with rich organic soil and humus (worm casting).

Many fruit trees are growing on the property



Dragon fruits (over a hundred)

Pineapple (over a hundred)









Price : $395,000
Property CODE : VMR -132
Property Size : 1.8 acres / 0.7 hectareas
Distance from Vilcabamba : 10 minutes by car
Electricity Service : yes
Drinking water : yes
Canal : irrigation water
Location : Vilcabamba
City : Vilcabamba
País : Ecuador
tipo de propiedad : LAND + HOUSE
Propósito : For Sale
Estado : Available

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