Yangana: Cottage and land,8 spectacular hectares

To get to the property we take the paved road from Vilcabamba for 20 km, then we will easily climb a dirt road for two minutes and finally we will arrive at this magnificent place that is comprised of 8 hectares, of which 5 are productive.
There is a small house that contains a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, it is small but comfortable!!
There is a variety of fruit trees, such as: tangerine, orange, sweet lemon, sour lemon, avocados, papayas, coffee, granadilla.
From wherever you build a house, you will always have a spectacular view.


Price : $220,000
Property CODE : YMR - 110
Property Size : 8 hectares / 19.7 acres
Distance from Vilcabamba : 20 minutes by car
Electricity Service : yes
Drinking water : yes
Canal : irrigation water
Location : Yangana
City : Yangana
País : Ecuador
Propósito : For Sale

Justo Carpio